Metering India 2024 - Call for Papers

With the theme of “Sustainable and Consumer Centric Utilities towards NetZero”, this 10th edition of Metering India will focus on power of Smart Metering technology to empower consumers; catalyse greater satisfaction and making Utilities sustainable to complement India’s Journey towards net zero.

The event has been structured in five sessions to delve into key aspects of the Smart Metering, discuss challenges, and explore potential solutions.

  • AMI and Cyber Security
  • RDSS and way forward
  • Roll outs and road blocks
  • Smart Grid - utility perspective
  • AMI - empowering Stakeholders
  • Metering applications beyond billing
  • Business model for AMI implementation
  • Smart Metering journey towards Net Zero
  • Communication, infrastructure and technology
  • Convergence of energies - renewable Integration
  • Regulation / standards challenges and way forward
  • Empowering consumers - through digitization & IOT
  • Data analytics & management - expected outcome
  • Learning from Smart Grid implementation - Indian journey so far
  • Making utilities sustainable (through technological, financial, social, environmental and managerial aspects)

Topics for Discussion

Following are some of the major topics suggested and are not restrictive. Papers on subjects related to the theme of the seminar will be encouraged. Authors are requested to kindly mention the session name under which the paper is being submitted.

Utility Business Process and AMI Integration

AMI – Empowering Stakeholders

Empowering Consumers – Through Digitization & IOT

Challenges Of RE Integration

Data Analytics & Management Case Studies Perceived and Actual Benefits

Learning From Smart Grid Implementation – Indian Journey So Far

Roll Outs and Roadblocks

Innovation In Metering and Communication Technology

Sustainable Utilities Way Forward

Cybersecurity Compliances and Challenges

Regulation / Standards Challenges and Way Forward

Smart Metering Journey Towards Net Zero

Invitation for Papers

Papers are invited for the following five sessions:

AMI Deployment Challenges and Success Stories

Role of Metering in enabling RE Integration

Energy Efficiency: Benefits & Opportunities

Leveraging Meter Data: for Consumers and Utilities

Beyond Firewall: Building Holistic Cybersecurity for the Smart Meter Network

Time Lines for Papers

Last date of submission of full-length papers from authors: 30th June 2024

The length of the paper should not exceed six pages, including figures in the format that would be provided to the authors as standard guidelines. The papers will be scrutinized by the Seminar Technical Committee for final acceptance and inclusion in the Seminar. Intimation of acceptance will be given to the authors by 31st July 2024.

The official language of the Seminar is ENGLISH.

Download sample paper and guidelines to author